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Lakewood, CO


Acne Laser Treatments in Lakewood, CO

Many individuals do not respond adequately to traditional continuous acne treatments, including acutane, topicals and antibiotics. We now offer therapy that treats the various causes of acne. We have several different light and laser treatments that will reduce or eliminate the acne problem:


Isolaz Light Treatments:

The Isolaz treatments are pore cleansing light treatments using a broadband light with gentle suction.  The suctions helps to clear the pores of sebum and the light will attack the acne bacteria.  In 4 to 6 sessions you can have significantly cleared skin


The Smoothbeam laser targets the sebaceous glands and reduces the oil production.  This will inhibit the formation of acne pustules for an extended period of time.  Studies have shown that results can continue for 2 years and more.  A dramatic, long lasting improvement can be achieved after 4 to 6 treatments.


PhotoDynamic Treatment:

This is  a treatment that uses a light activated topical lotion on the affected skin.  The topical lotion targets inflamed, abnormal parts of the skin and an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is used to activate the lotion.

Combined Treatments

Often we will recommend using a combination of the above treatments to achieve the best long term results.  During your complimentary consultation we will determine the best combination of treatments that will best fit your skin condition and budget.